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RE: Need help with UX400 CLIM X font problem

    Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 12:54 CST
    From: Jeff Lankford <jpl@nrtc.nrtc.northrop.com>

    Dear SLUGs,
	    You just know it is bound to be a fine weekend when you leave
	    work Thursday evening with an unresolved problem and come
	    in Friday morning to find the correct(!) solution waiting
	    in your mailbox.  The problem was:
	    > I have a trivial CLIM application that works exactly as one expects
	    > on 3600 machines (ie, draws a window w/ a title pane and displays the string),
	    > but produces an error on UX400 (ie, font not found).
	    So the problem seemed to be in UX400 Genera itself, as
	    demonstrated in the correct(!) answer, supplied by Donald
	    H Mitchell <dmitchell@amoco.com>:
	    > We've been using this patch since 1990 for our UX's because
	    > get-font would occassionally get confused and not find fonts.
	    > ;;; -*- Package:SYSTEM-INTERNALS; Mode:LISP; Base: 10; Lowercase: Yes -*-
	    > (si:allow-redefinition 'get-font)
	    > (defun get-font .........
	    [Author's note: the source code patch, while brief, is not repeated here.
	    It is available by e-mail upon request.]

	    Thanks to all who responded (every little bit helps).
    PS	Donald -- Have you already submitted this to Symbolics as a bug fix?

Yes, when we found the problem and I think when 8.1 came out.  I'll send it to them
again. Maybe with at least one other person having the problem, they'll incorporate the
solution this time.
Don Mitchell			dmitchell@trc.amoco.com
Proactive Solutions, Inc.	(918) 660-4270
10814 S. Quebec Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74137