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RE: Need help with UX400 CLIM X font problem

Dear SLUGs,
	You just know it is bound to be a fine weekend when you leave
	work Thursday evening with an unresolved problem and come
	in Friday morning to find the correct(!) solution waiting
	in your mailbox.  The problem was:
	> I have a trivial CLIM application that works exactly as one expects
	> on 3600 machines (ie, draws a window w/ a title pane and displays the string),
	> but produces an error on UX400 (ie, font not found).

	An incorrect(!) solution was:
	> add the symbolics fonts to your X servers font path
	>    xset fp+ /usr/lib/X11/fonts/genera
	I had already checked this before sending my plea.  Also, it is
	unlikely that my X display server could display UX400 console and mouse
	window text without knowing where to find the genera fonts.

	So the problem seemed to be in UX400 Genera itself, as
	demonstrated in the correct(!) answer, supplied by Donald
	H Mitchell <dmitchell@amoco.com>:
	> We've been using this patch since 1990 for our UX's because
	> get-font would occassionally get confused and not find fonts.
	> ;;; -*- Package:SYSTEM-INTERNALS; Mode:LISP; Base: 10; Lowercase: Yes -*-
	> (si:allow-redefinition 'get-font)
	> (defun get-font .........
	[Author's note: the source code patch, while brief, is not repeated here.
	It is available by e-mail upon request.]

	Thanks to all who responded (every little bit helps).
PS	Donald -- Have you already submitted this to Symbolics as a bug fix?