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3650 Power problem

Our model 3650 recently died during a 'heat wave' in our computer room.  
Its symptoms are:

	When rear panel switches are on, the red 'pilot light' on
	the rear panel lights.  None of the rear panel  leds light and
	the 'run' lamp on the front keyswitch does not light regardless 
	of the key position.

	None of the designated voltages are present on the rear panel jacks,
	Nor is 120vac available to the two power supply modules (as measured 
	at the terminal strips on the p.s.'s.)  
	It appears that the 'Solid State Relay' just after the line filter is 
	not getting its energizing voltage. I measured about 5kohms across its
 	'coil' terminals.

So is there a thermal fuse or cutout that tripped or blew?  If so,
where can I find it and how to test it.  Is there another problem I should
be looking for?

I do have an unused 3650 that parts could be pulled from if necessary.


Cory Morse  morse@zephyr.rap.ucar.edu   morse@ncar.ucar.edu