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Looking for a job.

I impose on a list of this size with some trepidation, and hope you will
forgive the inconvenience.  Many of you are former students of mine, so
a lot of you know who I am and something about my interests and abilities.

Symbolics laid me off in January.  After some soul-searching, I have
decided to try to use the occasion to change course a bit.  I'm
looking for work in the area of natural language applications,
interpreted broadly.  This area (as I see it) includes speech
processing, machine translation and translation assistance, software
to handle weird orthographies, second-language CAI, advanced grammar
and spelling checking in any language, software internationalization,
and applications in linguistic and literary research.

I'm willing to pay for the course change by working in any (programming)
language and operating system, not just Lisp in Genera.  (Yes, I know what
that probably means.  I'm trying to be pragmatic about this.)  

I'd deeply appreciate any leads or suggestions.

Allan C. Wechsler
32 Poplar St.
Belmont, MA 02178

(617) 484-3647