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nfs problem(?) symbolics serving hp unix client

in trying to read files residing on a symbolics file server from an hp
unix workstation, i find that the hp sometimes sees corrupted versions
of the files.  that is, chunks of the file are missing, padded with null
characters, etc.  i noticed the problem when trying to read a longish
file.  other short files had been read ok.  

the results are repeatable.  re-reading the same file consistenly
produces the same erroneous results.  reading the same files from a sun
in the same network environment seems to work fine.

here are some details:

on the unix side:

hp 9000 series model 730
hp-ux 8.07

on the symbolics side:

genera 8.1
nfs server 425.0
ip-tcp 435.2

any help or advice would be appreciated.

dave duff                   mitre corporation               703-883-7731
duff@mitre.org             ai technical center            mclean, va usa