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Re: Anybody got an images to BMP hack?

>I have been hacking up a Concordia to RTF converter so that Concordia
>can generate a PC Windows Help file. Its in the early stages but so far
>its not too bad. What I need is a hack to write out a graphic from
>concordia to BMP format. Does anyone have such a thing, or indeed any
>LISP code that say, given an image makes a BMP file?
>[It would be nice if someone has extended the images stuff to include
>(images::find-image-file-format :bmp) for example - but I guess that's
>too much to hope for!]
I wrote many such extensions while I was working for Symbolics, they're
pretty easy.  While I didn't write one for BMP format, if you can supply
a pointer to the description of the format, it probably wouldn't be too

(The probably is in there assuming that it is a simple format, not something
like JPEG which uses DCT for compression.  Since it is an IBM PC format 
[right?] it is most likely a simple format.)
>Any hints gratefully accepted, and of course, if anyone wants the
>Concordia to RTF in return you are welcome to it. (But beware - its a
>fragile hack right now - I don't have much time to work on it)
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