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Do you know ...


I am sorry but I am not familiar with the AI position in Arlington you refer
to.  However, we have some openings in AI at my facility, the Advanced
Technology Labs in Moorestown, NJ.  If this is the position you applied for,
let me know and I could inquire as to the status.  If not, please feel free to
submit a resume to us here.  Our address is:

	General Electric
	Advanced Technology Laboratories
	Building 145, Route 38
	Moorestown, NJ  08057

	Attn:  Bill Baney

Bill Baney is our local personnel "department".  You should include a resume
and a cover letter indicating that you are looking for a position in AI and
that I suggested you apply here.  If possible, you could fax the resume and
cover letter to Bill Baney at (609) 866-6728.

We are an advanced development facility of about 75 engineers that consists of
four laboratories in AI and other information technology areas.  We do
development work on outside contracts and in support of other GE Aerospace

Steve Jameson                 General Electric Aerospace / Martin Marietta
sjameson@atl.ge.com           Advanced Technology Laboratories
                              Moorestown, New Jersey              
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