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recovering namespace

    Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1993 19:37 EST
    From: drstrip@isrc.sandia.gov (David Strip)

    My namespace server seems to have crashed a disk. Is there anyway to have one
    of the other machines on the net write out what it currently believes the
    namespace to look like? I suspect that the backups are a bit out of date with
    respect to the namespace, though not hopelessly so.

Check the functions in sys:network;namespace-server.lisp.  I think the
important function you want is neti:print-object-attributes.
Be forewarned that unless some of your other machines are secondary
namespace servers, they will have a very incomplete view of your
namespace.  Also, check the documentation and the code to make sure you
understand the purpose of all the namespace files (objects, changes,
descriptor, and log).

Your best bet might be to try to restore what you have and get any
changes from the other machines.

Good Luck!