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I am a student at Cal Poly Pomona and just purchased a Symbolics 3640.
I wanted a LISP computer for a joint research project on neural nets,
but unfortunately the 3640 is a 20 amp machine.

Question #1: I understand that the 3640 can be modified with a "simple
converter" for home use (ie: 15 amps).  Is this true, and what are the

Question #2: Does anyone know how much it would cost to upgrade it to
a more compact machine, perhaps an Ivory based Symbolics, MacIvory board,
or UX400/UX1200 board?  (I believe my Symbolics has 2.5MW memory, a color
video board, and a card-cage full of other boards as well.)

Question #3: If I keep the 3640, I will need to purchase a monitor,
keyboard, and mouse for it.  (Mine came sans-I/O.)  Any suggestions or

Question #4: Can the 3640 output X Windows using Genera 8?  Can any Symbolics?

Question #5: What type of tape units and hard drives does the 3640 use?
(ie: SCSI, ...)

Question #6: Is there a FAQ sheet I can pick up anywhere?

In short, I am a new, emerging Symbolics user and could use any information

Thank you in advance for any help...
Chris Russell.
Internet: crussell@netcom.com
Mail:     P.O. Box 5424
          Diamond Bar, CA 91765-7424