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    Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1993 20:47 EST
    From: crussell@netcom.com (Chris Russell)

    Question #2: Does anyone know how much it would cost to upgrade it to
    a more compact machine, perhaps an Ivory based Symbolics, MacIvory board,
    or UX400/UX1200 board?  (I believe my Symbolics has 2.5MW memory, a color
    video board, and a card-cage full of other boards as well.)

None of the hardware in a 36xx can be used by an Ivory-based machine, so
it would be a complete system replacement.  Back when they first
introduced the Ivory machines Symbolics had attractive trade-in deals,
but I doubt that they're offering much these days.  And the upgrades
were only really attractive if you were on maintenance, since you made
up the cost of the upgrade by the reduction in maintenance fees.

    Question #4: Can the 3640 output X Windows using Genera 8?  Can any Symbolics?

Genera 8.1 includes TCP/IP, X, and NFS, although they're not loaded into
the world by default.  The X software is somewhat buggy, but usable.

    Question #5: What type of tape units and hard drives does the 3640 use?
    (ie: SCSI, ...)

36xx machines don't have any standard interfaces (except for the
RS-232).  The proprietary cartridge tape interface is built into the I/O
paddle, and a reel-to-reel tape interface is a purchasable L-bus board.