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Chasing bad blocks (final message)

First of all I want to thank all of you who responded to my query.
I got all desired information and that's not what can be usually
expected when posting a query to a mailing list.

The :force-write-test keyword of si:fix-fep-block (of course
I can be blamed for not thoroghly browsing the documentation) did a
good job. And if that doesn't help Barmar's replace-fep-block will.

The increased reliability enables me to refocus on (or to? I always
have trouble with English phraseology.) my real work (not modelling
nth order sigma delta convertors and digital filters, but not worse).

That the message has been sent on April 1st was definitely an accident
and not a joke. And I'm a little bit surprised what emotional
followups it has triggered. It looks like that it revived the LispM
vs. rest-of-the-hardware-world  discussion. Hmm, maybe it's time to
start a FSF (frequently sent flames) or a LispM-tales list (if they
don't already exist). The latter should be started as long as the
wizards are around and *havn't* lost all their wizardly powers
(using Barmar's words). And I'm shure that this would be interesting
stuff to read not only for CS students!

Anyway, have fun hacking!