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Exabyte tape drive problem.

Has anyone experienced the below errors during a lmfs file
backup/compare using a Exabyte drive?  

Comparing SAM:>circuits>alliant>circrgcmrnc.tv.4
********** In byte 3735621(8) file has 40, tape has 62, xor 22
********** In byte 3735622(8) file has 50, tape has 40, xor 10
********** In byte 3735623(8) file has 70, tape has 60, xor 10
********** In byte 3735624(8) file has 66, tape has 51, xor 37

Symbolics is working trying to resolve this problem, but they don't know
what is causing it.  We have replaced the drive and changed from video
grade to digital grade tapes.

I have experienced the problem on both XL1201's and 36xx's.  Any help
would be greatly appreciated.