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[David Cheriton <cheriton@pescadero.Stanford.EDU>: CS548 Distributed Systems Seminar]

My goodness!  An OS based on object oriented stuff.  What will they rethink
of next?

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Subject: CS548 Distributed Systems Seminar, April 15/93

April 15th, 4:15 pm MJH 352
  The Spring Project
  Jim Mitchell
  Sun Labs


        The Spring Project is a strategic investigation and
        development of technology for providing distributed,
        securable objects that are usable both by high level
        applications and for building the operating system
        itself.  The Spring prototype OS is structured as an
        object-oriented microkernel with almost all of the OS
        functionality built as non-kernel object managers
        providing objects rather than procedural interfaces.
        This talk will discuss in depth the mechanisms that
        Spring provides and how they are used to build
        traditional OS functionality such as threads, virtual
        memory, file systems, etc. as well as more novel
        features such as distributed naming services for
        objects and automated testing of components based on
        formal semantics.

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