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SCSI available for 3640/3670?

    Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1993 12:27 EDT
    From: Patrick Tufts <zippy@berry.cs.brandeis.edu>

    A few newbie questions:

      Where are the good inexpensive parts sources for the 3640 and 3670 series?

There's a company called Great Eastern Technology that provides (or used
to provide) third-party hardware support for Symbolics machines.  They
also sell used parts.  They also have some parts they designed themselves
(L-bus memory boards that accept standard SIMM memory).

      Are there any general Symbolics utilities in ftp-able archives?
	 (I'm aware of the comp.lang.lisp faq - I'm looking for system-
	  specific PD utilities, not AI implementations)

There's a SLUG library, but I don't think it's FTPable; we used to sell
tapes for around $35.  One of the reasons it's not FTPable is that much
of the code in it is modified Symbolics code, so we had to restrict
distribution to sites with Symbolics licenses.

      Finally, is it possible to upgrade from the L-series to the G-series
	 (3640 or 3670 --> 3650) by doing a board swap, or is it hairier 
	 than that?

No, there are differences in the two series throughout the architecture.
However, if you can get an IFU kit, which converts a 36[47]0 to a
36[47]5, you get a good deal of the performance improvements provided by

       Is there any way I can get copies of the field service manuals
	  (or other hardware manuals) for the aforementioned machines?

We got copies when we took the Customer Service Training class, which
was required for going onto thei Shared Maintenance plan.  The manuals
are marked Symbolics proprietary, so I don't think I can pass them on to
you.  They may be willing to sell copies themselves, though.