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CLOE interfacing

We are currently looking at interfacing CLOE with non-Lisp
tools. We would be interested in any experiences people have
had with interfacing through DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) or
DLL (Dynamic Link Libraries), or other alternatives. In one
application, the CLOE application will be the client and the
database tools the servers; while in a second application
being developed, the interaction between the CLOE application
and the other window tools has not been decided. In the first
application, the user interface has been implemented in CLIM,
while in our second application this decision has been post-
poned until more information about foreign modules interacting
with CLOE (and/or CLIM) can be obtained.

Anybody with any experience in this area (or useful pointers)?
I know the CLOE 4.0 documentation suggests looking in the
Microsoft Window's Users Guide, however, I can find no mention
of DLLs in our versions, including 3.1.)


ben moreland

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