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Macivory Problems

I am having problems with my Macivory and am looking for some advice on
what, if anything, I should focus on trying to fix.

The Problems:
1) Numerous times the Fep will not start. Double clicking on the genera
   icon will show the macivory menubar but the Fep's window will not
   appear, and after about 1 minute, the dialog indicating the Fep did not
   start appears. Sometimes restarting the mac and trying to start Genera
   would solve the problem.
2) Rearranging the boards would sometimes help. I tried a program called
   Zap! for zapping the pram. It did not do any good.
3) When Genera does start it will occasionally freeze up within the
   first few minutes of operation. No redrawing  of windows, the clock
   stops, no run bars, no response to mouse clicks.   The other mac
   programs continue to work fine.
4) When Genera does start up and does not freeze up for a few minutes it
   tends to continue running. The only thing odd (maybe a clue) is that the
   icon displayed in the multifinder list is not the Macivory icon but the
   Thunder spell checker icon, another init and program I have.

1) Can anyone tell from the above descriptions if my problem is hardware
   or software?
2) Should I start removing inits? I have the Thunder spell checker
   mentioned above in addition to After Dark which I was told had some

Software Configuration:
1) As I write this mail I am running Genera 8.3 on top of Macintosh System 7.0.
2) I have tried various combinations of Genera 8.3 and 8.1.1 and
   Macintosh System 7.0 and 7.1. Same problems.

Hardware Configuration:
The main difference from the original Macivory configuration is the
replacement of a burned out Radius monitor with a SuperMac monitor and
1) Macintosh IIx: 68030 CPU, FPA, Apple Extended Keyboard II.
2) Motherboard: Macintosh II (id #x10).
3) NuBus slot 9: SuperMac Technology SuperMac Spectrum/8 Series III v1.2
   p/n (id #x261) s/n rev 1.2.
4) NuBus slot A: National Semiconductor NS8/16 Memory Expansion Card p/n
   NS8/16 (id #x10F) rev Rev. 2.21, 16MB tota l, 2.6MW in use.
5) NuBus slot B: Symbolics Inc. MacIvory Processor p/n MacIvory-2 (id
   #x14F) s/n 021006 rev 10.0, Ivory rev2B.
6) SCSI address 0: MAXTOR XT-8380S B6B, direct access, 694302 blocks of
   512 bytes (339M bytes total).
7) SCSI address 1: MAXTOR LXT-213S 4.55, direct access, 415436 blocks of
   512 bytes (203M bytes total).
8) SCSI address 3: SONY CD-ROM CDU-8002 1.8g, removable CD-ROM, 1243520
   blocks of 512 bytes (607M bytes total).

I'd appreciate any advice.