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CD-ROM on Sun as SYS host

Has anyone set up a CD-ROM on a Sun as their SYS host?  The Genera 8.3
documentation suggests that this is possible, but the instructions are
incorrect and/or incomplete on how to do it.

The problem is that dash characters have been replaced by underscores in the
CD-ROM filenames.  I had assumed that this would be fairly easy to correct
using the logical pathname mechanisms.  But pathname translations are clearly
inadequate, since a filename may have an arbitrary number of underscores.  None
of the predefined translation rules seem appropriate (:vms-heuristicate allows
character substitution, but also does other nasty things).  It would appear
that I need to code a new translation rule to do the job...

1) Am I missing some easier fix?
2) If not, has someone already written such a translation rule?

			Terry Barnes

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