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Another X server question

Thanks to John Krieger and barmar for answering the question about rgb.text.

The X server starts fine, but I still have problems displaying an 
X application on ice, our XL400.  I can 
Start X Screen ice and have the "remote" screen appear in the X server window.
When I Halt X Screen, it says "Halting X Screen ICE:0.0".
However, on the unix side if I setenv DISPLAY ice:0.0 (or ICE:0.0)
in the usual unix notation, I get the errors - "Connection refused by server"
and "Can't open display".  If I setenv DISPLAY ice, the connection is made,
but I still get the "Can't open display" error.  How does one specify the
Symbolics screen on the unix side?

Cory Morse 	morse@zephyr.rap.ucar.edu