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Moving disks

    Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1993 16:21 EDT
    From: jbarnett@charming.nrtc.northrop.com

    I wish to move two eagle disks from a 3600 to a 3670.  The 3600 is the site's
    file server.  My plan is (1) plug the expansion cabinet onto the 3670
    (2) identify the new disks as as fep1 and fep2, and (3) update the fep file
    fspt.fspt to show the new lmfs partitions.

    Qustion:  Will this plan work?  If not, what must I do to keep from copying
    most of a gig?

    Jeff Barnett

    P.S.  I know there is a slight cable difference between the 3600 and the 3670
    and will use appropriate wires.  The above, is basically a software question
    unless there is a hardware glitch besides the cabels.

It should work fine.  The only cable difference between the 3600 and
3670 is for the monitor.  They both use the same SMD disk cables.

If the disks contain the SYS:SITE; directory you'll need to do one of
two things:

1) Change the namespace and sys.translations file to identify the 3670
as the SYS host, or

2) Swap the names and addresses of the 3600 and 3670, by changing the
"Set Chaos-Address" commands in their respective boot files.

#1 will probably require saving out a new world for the 3670 so that the
namespace information will be in its image.  You'll probably also have
to change other logical host translations that refer to the old file
server.  #2 is much simpler, and will also allow references to a
physical host name (likely in user's lispm-init.lisp files) to continue
to work.  I recommend #2.