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how to access Symbolics CD-ROM from Unix host via NFS?

from Unix, i can mount any of our lisp machines that support NFS
(or RPC or whatever) service, using for example:
	mount -t nfs lisphost:/ /unix-dir
This mounts the top-level LMFS directory, and everything works as expected.

now i have a cd-rom on lisphost that i can access from any lisp
machine (using NFILE or whatever), using for example:
	show directory lisphost|cdrom1:>*

how can i access the cd-rom from Unix, since variations on:
	mount -t nfs lisphost:X /unix-dir
don't work, where X has been:
and all sorts of other likely combinations?

PS	if i install the CD-ROM on a Unix box, then i can access it
	from both Unix and lisp machines via NFS, since the CD will
	be mounted in the Unix file space.  There doesn't seem to be
	an analogous mechanism to link the CD-rom to LMFS file space,
	ie Mount Optical Disk seems to be for WORM drives or something.