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Re: how to access Symbolics CD-ROM from Unix host via NFS?

>     Jeff Lankford <jpl@nrtc.nrtc.northrop.com>
>     how can i access the cd-rom from Unix, since variations on:
> 	    mount -t nfs lisphost:X /unix-dir
>     don't work, where X has been:

> Barry Margolin <barmar@think.com>
> I don't think it can be done, at least not in Genera 8.1.  

You can supposedly do it in Genera 8.3. The documentation explicitly says
if is supported now (and that it wasn't in 8.1). However, I had trouble
getting it to work, and punted quickly since we had a spare CDROM player
sitting around. So we just hung that CDROM off our NXP. But Symbolics customer
support swears they have it working fine in 8.3 to a Sun running SunOS 4.1.3,
and that there are only minor errors in the 8.3 documentation that describes
how to do this.

BTW, Customer Support (Tina) also has a patch that allows CLIM 1.1 to be run
in Genera 8.3. It seems to work fine for our application. They (Naha) also
have an X-Server patch. They say it is only supported on monochrome, but
we use it on an 8-bit (32 doesn't work) color screen from our XL1200, and
can run OpenWindows, xterms, and FrameMaker at least as fast as the B&W
screen, and at much better resolution and looking just like our Sun screens.
A sad, sad day when our Symbolics are reduced to being X-terminals for our
Suns (only half a :-).

						- Marty
(proclaim '(inline skates))