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Date: September 20, 22, 1993
Venue: Mariott Hotel, Frankfurt

Profile: 	Object World Germany, part of the Object World 
		series organized in six venues worldwide, will 
		be held in Germany for the second time.
		For the first time the conference will have
		an industrial exhibition.
		The event will focus exclusively on the 
		commercial and practical steps of applying object 

Visitor base:	Object World Germany will target IT/MIS professionals
		as well as users wishing to apply the beneficts of
		object technology to their corporate software

Event sponsors: Object World Germany is sponsored by OMG (Object
		Management Group), World Expo Co and LogOn Technology

Event Framework: Object World is an event linked specifically for the 
		OT market comprising:

		* A  multi-speaker four-track conference, built by
		a panel of international authorities, will address
		business and manegement issuses, technical issues and
		development issues involved in building OT systems.
		The tracks are designed to appeal to both German-
		speaking people and English-speaking people. 
		The fours tracks are:
		Object Management (September 20)
		Methodologies (September 20-21)
		Databases     (September 20-21)
		Tools and Languages (September 20-21)
		The conference will target 300+ delegates.
		* Three post-conference tutorials on September 22:
		"The Shlaer-Mellor Method", by Stephen J. Mellor
		"Fundamentals of ODBMS" by Won Kim
		"Moving from C to C++" by David Reed	

		* An exhibition of products and services for object
		technology users targeted for 2000+ attendees.

		Conference information:
	        Christiane S. Sattler	
		LogOn Technology Transfer
		Burgweg 14a, 
		6242 Kronberg (Ts.) (new post code 61476,from July 1,1993)
		Tel. +49-6173-2852
		Fax. +49-6173-940420

		Press information:

		Beuerlein & Partner 
		Rudolf J. Beuerlein
		Steinkopfstrasse 5a
		6393 Wehrheim 3
		Tel. + 49-60 81-149 41

		Exhibition information:

		Scott R. Johnson
		IDG World Expo Co.
		WEC Messe und Ausstellungs
		Franz-Joseph Str. 35
		8000 Muenchen 40
		Tel. +49-89-360 86 208