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Zmail question

We are using store and forward services on Unix machines -- no mail server
on the Lispms.  In the namspace, my user object shows my Lispm name as "jeff",
my Mail address as "jbarnett CHARMING", and my home host as "MERCURY".  When
someone on a Lispm composes a msg to "Jeff", it is handed to the store and
forward server addressed to "Jeff" rather than "jbarnett".  On the other
hand, if I send a msg to someone, Zmail is smart enough to make the return
address stuff say "jbarnett@CHARMING".  This behavior between resolving
destination and source is annoying.  Is there some simple approach (other
than using the same name on all machines or installing the Lsipm mailer
server) to get both from and to translations?