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Zmail question

    Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 12:25 EDT
    From: jbarnett@charming.nrtc.northrop.com

    We are using store and forward services on Unix machines -- no mail server
    on the Lispms.  In the namspace, my user object shows my Lispm name as "jeff",
    my Mail address as "jbarnett CHARMING", and my home host as "MERCURY".  When
    someone on a Lispm composes a msg to "Jeff", it is handed to the store and
    forward server addressed to "Jeff" rather than "jbarnett".  On the other
    hand, if I send a msg to someone, Zmail is smart enough to make the return
    address stuff say "jbarnett@CHARMING".  This behavior between resolving
    destination and source is annoying.  Is there some simple approach (other
    than using the same name on all machines or installing the Lsipm mailer
    server) to get both from and to translations?

I don't know of anything like this.  When you're composing a message,
the destination fields are assumed to contain mail addresses, not user
names (leaving out the @domain part just means that you want this part
to be the local default).

In the cases where there's no conflict, you can set up aliases on the
Unix machine so that jeff@charming is translated to jbarnett@charming.
But if there's already a Unix username jeff then you're SOL.