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    Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1993 12:40 EDT
    From: jbarnett@charming.nrtc.northrop.com

    Assume that we made our 36xx site configured worlds via the following:

    1) Boot distribution world, set site, and load a bunch of software, etc.;

    2) Do si:full-gc and an Optimize World;

Do a FULL-GC before a complete save, or an Optimize World before an
incremental save.  You shouldn't do both before either.

    3) Do a complete save of the world and distribute it.

    Question: given that step 2) does a si:full-gc, etc., is the netboot core,
    FEP:>NETBOOT-CORE-GENERA-8-3.LOAD, sufficient to boot our site configured

Should be.  I think a netboot core can be used to boot any world that
uses the same microcode.