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need some local (DC) help

I've just gotten some new/used hardware. I need to move some files
from a MacIvory onto these machines (3640 and 3620). problem is, my
MacIvory isn't behaving any more, so I can't get to the files on its

so, the help I need: someone in the DC area with a working unclass
MacIvory. I need to boot it from my disk, have it e-net'd to the 3620,
and do a file-transfer of around 200 files onto the 3620. I'd bring
the disk and the 3620.

an alternative: someone with a macivory and a e-net'd 36xx which can
make a tape.

please somebody help me out...

 -- clint

Clint Hyde		"Give me a LispM or give me death!" -- anonymous

Advanced Decision Systems/BAH	Internet:  chyde@chesapeake.ads.com
1953 Gallows Rd, Suite 600
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