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Re: problems with CLX on SGI 4D

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    In trying to get CLX to work with Allegro CL on a Silicon Graphics 4D
    Personal Iris, I noticed that I could only achieve success if I left
    the files 'display.cl', 'requests.cl' and 'input.cl' uncompiled (i.e,
    just loaded the source instead of the fasl).  If I use the fasl files
    instead of the source, various functions such as 'open-display' hang
    indefinitely.  I used the excldefsys.cl file to build the system and I
    found these three files to be the culprits.  Has anyone gotten CLX to
    work properly with this architecture?  Also, does this sound like a
    compiler bug or is it some strange system related problem?


Can you tell me which versions of CLX and Allegro CL you are using?  We have
not seen or heard of the problem you describe.


	-- John Irwin
	   Franz Inc.