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Re: !HELP! foreign function interface to Fortran

The problem with the symbols that the loader is complaining about is
that, while used in the fortran libraries, the symbols are only
defined in the math library.  Try adding "m" to your list of


   Date: Fri, 1 Dec 89 14:22:18 PST
   From: klin@argon.berkeley.edu (Kuang-Kuo Lin)

   I go into CL (Allegro CL 3.1.beta.22 [Sun4]) and do the following:

       <cl> (use-package :ff)
       <cl> (require :foreign)
       <cl> (load "test.o" :system-libraries '("F77" "I77")
			   :unreferenced-lib-names '("_f_init"))
			   ; Foreign loading /home/radon1/users/hodges/klin/research/workstation_software/NAG/test/test.o with system libraries F77 I77.
       Warning: Foreign load failed