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Re: [spr1349] deferring warnings.

   Date: Wed, 11 Apr 90 10:52 PDT
   From: Stephen L. Nicoud <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>

   Is there an Allegro macro which will allow compilation warnings to be
   deferred ...

Currently, there is no such general mechanism in Allegro.  However,
X3J13 has passed a proposal to ANSI Common Lisp calling for the
addition of a new macro WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT.  With this macro, a
user can "wrap around" forms being compiled which will cause warnings
to be deferred by the compiler until "the end of the compilation".  As
part of making Allegro ANSI compliant, this macro will be introduced
in a (we hope not too distant) future release.

An example of how it works (taken from the X3J13 proposal) is as follows:



  processes deferred warnings only after compiling all of A, B, and C.