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Re: May Day PCL in Allegro 3.1

    Date: Wed, 16 May 90 22:54:27 EDT
    From: Mahmoud Pegah <pegah@pleiades.cps.msu.edu>

    Hello again:

    I tried it again. It compiles fine. I am running Allegro 3.1.4 on SPARC
    station. Would you like to ftp "pcl.fasl" file from our server?
    If you do please let me know. BTW, I have added #+sun4 before "cpatch"
    and "quadlap" files in our defsys.cl files.


Hello once again,

Ahh, I believe you may have uncovered the problem.  I'm on a Sun3.
Funny how the defsys.lisp file doesn't have the #+sun4 in there.  I'll
insert those and proceed under the assumption that they are for
Sparcstations only.

Thanks for the help,

Stephen L. Nicoud  <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>  uw-beaver!bcsaic!snicoud
Boeing Advanced Technology Center for Computer Sciences