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Inspecting PCL objects in Franz.

I tried the same example, and here is the result:

<USER 1> (defclass ship () (a b))

#<Standard-Class SHIP 104241016> 
<USER 2> (setq b (make-instance 'ship))

#<SHIP 104376176> 
<USER 3> (inspect b)
SHIP instance @ #xf9eb6e = #<SHIP 76365556>
   0 Class --------> PCL::STANDARD-CLASS instance  = .long item.
   1 A ------------> The symbol :|Unbound Slot|
   2 B ------------> The symbol :|Unbound Slot|
[1] <cl> :pop

My configuration is
	LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION: 3.1.13 [Sun4] (4/24/90)
	Allegro Composer: Composer Final (4/19/90 17:15)

	pcl::*pcl-system-date* : "5/22/89  Victoria Day PCL" 

Either there is something different about the way PCL is configured
for Composer, or you must not have something set up correctly.  The
Composer window inspector also works.
						John Collins