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Re: Grapher tools on CLUE/Common Windows?

Cuno Duursma <c_duursma@cen.jrc.it> <c_duursma@jrc.uucp> writes:

   I am starting development on Allegro CL ( However I am not sure
   whether to use CLUE or COMMON WINDOWS for the interface stuff. Has
   anybody any advice, and has anybody written tools (e.g. Grapher layout)
   on top of one of these packages?

We've used common windows for a few things, in particular a state-tree
displayer, and had no major problems.  A lot depends on how important
portability is to you.  CLUE might be more available on non-Franz
common lisps, if that matters.  Also, I have had some minor experience
porting what I *think* is Lucid-common-windows code (the windows stuff
in the QSIM qualitative simulation program) to Allegro common windows,
and it appears to me that common windows implementations are not as
well standardized as common lisp itself is.