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allegro on a solbourne

>  From: georgej@Franz.COM (George Jacob)
>  Date: Tue, 04 Dec 90 14:24:43 EST
>  >>     Does anybody have experience with running allegro on a Solbourne?
>  >> I'm mainly interested in ways to take advantage of the mulitple
>  >> processors.  I presume mp:run-process does NOT have the capability to
>  >> run a process on another processor, since it is a lightweight process
>  >> within the allegro process.  Has anyone tried using shared memory to
>  >> communicate between two lisps, each running on a separate processor?
>  >> I want to do what I'll call "high granularity parallelization" for
>  >> example:  get-data-for-shot-i, do-signal-processing-for-shot-(i-1),
>  >> display-and-archive-shot-(i-2), etc.  (I hope that makes sense)
>  You are correct in presuming that mp:run-process does not have the 
>  capability to run a process on another processor.
>  While not necessarily of help to you on the Solbourne (yet!), Franz does 
>  market a multiprocessor Lisp, entitled Allegro CLiP (for Common Lisp in 
>  Parallel) that does allow the running of Lisp lightweight processes on 
>  different processors.  CLiP is based on the UC Berkeley dialect of SPUR 
>  Lisp, and comes with primitives for manipulating lightweight processes 
>  (LWP's), message-passing and signals between LWP's, as well as blocking 
>  and non-blocking locks.  CLiP also has macrolibraries for Multilisp and 
>  Qlisp, and thus has an implementation of futures.  Currently, CLiP is 
>  only available on the Sequent Symmetry (and, yes, it does use the shared 
>  memory to communicate between lgihtweight processes), but this could 
>  change given sufficient marketing impetus (read: vote now!).
>  George
>  ========================================================================
>  George Jacob 
>  Franz Inc.
>  INTERNET: georgej@franz.com
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    Thanks for your messsage.  I'll remember to keep in touch with
Franz about a Solbourne version of CLiP.  I'm still at the stage of
trying to convince people a multiprocessor computer is a good way to
go, so I can't claim I represent a big market, but things seem to be
moving in the right direction.