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Re: [spr2521] Allegro CL foreign function interface

[This matter has been assigned the tracking identifier "spr2521".
Please refer to it in any followup communication.]

   I can't get it to work.  Specifically, I tried the example C function
   given in the Allegro CL manual, with the following results:
   "<cl> (load "~covin/beam/testing/testc.o")
    ; Foreign loading /aig/covin/beam/testing/testc.o.
    ld: /usr/local/bin/cl3.1p: no namelist
    Warning: Foreign load failed"

Assuming "/usr/local/bin/cl3.1p" is your Allegro executable, the "no
namelist" message indicates that the file has been stripped of its
namelist by some misguided individual trying to save a little disk
space.  (See the Unix documentation on STRIP(1).  Sometimes a system
manager will do something like "strip /usr/local/bin/*" trying to
collect a little space.)  The Allegro documentation warns against
stripping the executable because the namelist is used by "ld -a ..."
which executed to incremental load of a foreign ".o" file.

You can solve this problem only by running an unstripped copy of
Allegro.  Unless you happen to have one elsewhere on you filesystem
you will have to rebuild the executable.  This takes only a few
minutes if you've saved the distribution materials on disk, and
somewhat longer to reread the distribution tape if you haven't.

Let us know if this doesn't solve your problem.