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graph tool summary

Well, in response to my query for PD graphing tools I got
over a dozen requests for "me too" and "please post summary".

Otherwise, I have received the following suggestions.  
Thank you all for your interest and suggestions.

Joel Riedesel
Sr. Engr.
Martin Marietta Astronautics

From: pkarp@ai.sri.com (Peter Karp)

You might see if there is any software associated with the following

Moen, S., "Drawing Dynamic Trees", IEEE Software July 1990.

From: Arun Welch <welch@cis.ohio-state.edu>

You might want to check out Joseph Bates' PSGraph tool, found on

From: george@huntsai.boeing.com (George Williams)

I saw your request on the allegro-cl list.
Here are a couple of anon ftp sites with lisp code which I have seen
referenced in the past.

spice.cs.cmu.edu (, cd to /usr/jwz/public/ (in one step,
/usr/jwz/ and /usr/ are not accessible) and get the file
"_readme.text"; I have not visited this one recently.

a.gp.cs.cmu.edu and cd to /usr/mkant/Public.  Note that the "cd" must
be a one-step operation due to the security features of the Andrew
file system.  This site has some quite good stuff, including a grapher
for postscript output which might be adaptable to what you want.

And finally, I have also recently heard this blurb (please don't take
this as an advertisement from myself).

"Franz Inc has developed a CLOS/X-based grapher which they are
currently making available to select alpha sites.  They plan on making
the grapher commercially available later this year."