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PD tree graphing tools

   >>Date: Sat, 2 Feb 91 08:37:47 JST
   >>From: Masayuki Ida <ida>
   >> ...
   >>If you are interested in a very starting point of a simple grapher/graph
   >>source code like one described in LISP LORE by Bromely and Rampson,
My face is red!
I made a serious miss typing.
The authors' names of the book Lisp Lore 2nd edition are
    Hank Bromeley and Richard Lamson.
Especially, I am very sorry to Mr. Richard Lamson.
(And thank you Richard for telling me. Japanese language has almost
no habit to distinguish 'L' and 'R'.
So I sometimes miss spell the word starting 'L'.)

   >>we have and are preparing to place it to public.
   >>The codes include versions for CLX, CLUE, CLM/GINA,  Common Windows,
   >>	     LispView, Winterp, CLIM and YY.
   >>Several implementations have mouse sensitivity feature and
   >>others have implementation specific features.
   >>Please send me E-mail, if you like to see.
   >>Since I am to visit USA at the end of March,
   >>I can carry them, if many persons are interested.
   >>Or I will place them at anonymous FTP machine.
   >>(wait, I am not ready to place them yet.)
Well, I have been getting  lots of mails to encourage me
to place these sources in publicly available position and
set them to the anonymous FTP machine.
Things are going well, and wait for my announce.


PS: Richard, how is your new 'lab' at your home ?
finished the construction ? :-)