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no subject (file transmission)

>   The time macro returns user and system time for gc and non-gc and
> the total time.  It also returns the real time.
> Sample output (from the man page) looks like:
>     ;;  The output from TIME looks like this in one implementation:
>     (defun doit (n) (time (dotimes (i n) (cons nil nil)))) => doit
>     (compile 'doit) => doit
>     (doit 100000) => nil
>       PRINTS  ; to *TRACE-OUTPUT*
>     cpu time (non-gc) 834 msec user, 16 msec system
>     cpu time (gc)     216 msec user, 0 msec system
>     cpu time (total)  1050 msec user, 16 msec system
>     real time  1120 msec
> Can someone please define user, system and real times.
Here are the approximate defnitions I can come up with:
System time = Time used by the operating system to allocate resources 
User time= Time for which the process runs
Real time = All other times are in cpu cycles - this includes waiting time

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