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Re: [spr3498] time macro

>>   The time macro returns user and system time for gc and non-gc and
>> the total time.  It also returns the real time.
>> Sample output (from the man page) looks like:
>>     cpu time (non-gc) 834 msec user, 16 msec system
>>     cpu time (gc)     216 msec user, 0 msec system
>>     cpu time (total)  1050 msec user, 16 msec system
>>     real time  1120 msec
>> Can someone please define user, system and real times.

`user' and `system' time are defined just as they are in UNIX.
`system' time is the amount of time spent in the kernel on behalf of
the process.  A process gets into the kernel by executing system calls
(chapter two of the UNIX manual).  `user' is everything else.  `total'
time is the sum of `user' and `system'.  With a lot of memory and only
one runnable process, `total' and `real' (wall clock) time should be
very close.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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