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using the cl-emacs connection The cl-emacs connection is vastly enhanced in the 4.1 beta version I

am using, but I can't figure out how to do something that should be
very easy by all appearances.  What I want is to have a function in
lisp (not an fi:blah emacs function) that puts a formatted definition
into an emacs buffer, lets the user edit it, and then grabs it again
for whatever processing is needed (presumably this is initiated by the
user when editing is complete).  I would just as soon not write the
definition out to a file first, but I guess that would be acceptable.

The issue is really "how do I invoke the emacs-lisp interface from the
lisp side (other than with (ed <defn>)) rather than from the emacs
side".  Anybody out there know the incantation for this?
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