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using the cl-emacs connection

  The cl-emacs connection is vastly enhanced in the 4.1 beta version I
am using, but I can't figure out how to do something that should be
very easy by all appearances.  What I want is to have a function in
lisp (not an fi:blah emacs function) that puts a formatted definition
of something (some generalized variable, not necessarily the function
binding or value binding of a symbol) into an emacs buffer, lets the
user edit it, and then grabs it again for whatever processing is
needed (presumably this is initiated by the user when editing is
complete).  I would just as soon not write the definition out to a
file first, but I guess that would be acceptable.

The issue is really "how do I invoke the emacs-lisp interface from the
lisp side (other than with (ed <defn>)) rather than from the emacs
side".  Anybody out there know the incantation for this?  I can't find
it in the documentation.
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