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Re: [spr4853] X fonts and Composer 2.0

> How does one specify which fonts Composer uses?  I have setup my X
> environment to use LucidaSansTypewriter, but now Composer 2.0beta
> complains when bringing up inspector (and other) windows that the font
> set of the window do not all have the same constant character width.

Composer needs all four faces of a single font.  (normal, bold, italic,
and bold-italic).  (The font must also be fixed width, but that's not
your problem as you are using a fixed width font).

Normally, if you specify a font for a composer tool, using an X resource
	Composer.Debugger.font:			-*-courier-medium-r-*-*-14-*

the code is smart enough to find the italic, bold, and bold-italic fonts
automatically.  It does this by changing the 'r' to an 'i' (etc) and seeing
if that font exists.

But you are specifying a font that does not conform to the X11 Logical
Font Description naming conventions.  Thus Composer has no way to find
the other faces of the font.  Thus you will have to specify all four
fonts in your .Xdefaults.  Something like:
	Composer.Debugger.font:			LucidaSansTypewriter
	Composer.Debugger.boldFont:		LucidaSansTypewriterBold
	Composer.Debugger.italicFont:		LucidaSansTypewriterItalic
	Composer.Debugger.boldItalicFont:	LucidaSansTypewriterBoldItalic

If you don't have bold and italic faces for your font, you can use the normal
roman face, however the tools will be more difficult to read.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties applying the above,

	-- John Irwin
	   Franz, Inc.