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(April 15, 1992 -- Berkeley, CA) Franz Inc. announced today that it has
acquired the rights to Procyon Common Lisp for MS-Windows and other
operating systems on personal computers. Franz will further develop,
market, and distribute the product worldwide under the name Allegro

Procyon Common Lisp was developed by Procyon Research Ltd.  of
Cambridge, UK, a subsidiary of Scientia Ltd. A review in the February
1992 issue of AI Expert magazine rated Procyon Common Lisp as the best
Common Lisp available for Windows. According to the author of the
article, "Procyon Common Lisp is indeed a very solid and very complete
implementation of Common Lisp.  In addition to providing very fast
compiled code, Procyon Common Lisp provides the kind of robustness I
look for in a very pleasant and easy-to-use environment."

The Common Lisp product for MS-Windows will feature CLOS (Common Lisp
Object System), a programmable integrated editor, structure editor,
inspector, debugger, tracer, time profiler, foreign function
interface, and a window system.

Franz will promote Allegro CL for MS-Windows to appeal to a wide
market. "We believe that the introduction of a broadly-distributed,
quality CLOS implementation for PCs will expand the commercial use of
Lisp in education and industry," said Fritz Kunze, president of Franz
Inc.  "Common Lisp for Windows completes Franz' product line, offering
a full array of platforms for development and delivery of Common Lisp

Franz Inc. is the leading vendor of Common LISP-based development
environments for Unix workstations. Franz Inc. was founded in 1984 by
affiliates of the Computer Science Department at the University of
California at Berkeley, including original developers of Franz Lisp
and BSD Unix. Allegro CL, Allegro Composer, CLIM, and other products
are sold and supported worldwide through Franz' direct sales force and
distribution partners. Franz customers include universities, research
institutions, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, contact Franz Inc., 1995 University Avenue,
Berkeley, CA 94704, phone (510) 548-3600, fax (510) 548-8253. email


Allegro CL and Allegro Composer are registered trademarks of Franz
Inc. CLIM is a trademark of International Lisp Associates. Unix is a
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