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relation of :x11 and :interlisp-d saved bitmap formats to sun raster or tiff?

I am interested in using some Sunvision utilities to make "movies" out of a series of
Common Windows or CLIM viewports. With Common Windows the approach I would be taking
is to periodically bitblt a window stream to a thick bitmap and then save the bitmap
with cw:save-bitmap. I ultimately must transform the saved bitmap images to a .vff
format that is used by Sunvision. The Sunvison tools include several utilities for
converting the format of .BYU (Brigham Young Universty movie format), AutoCAD dxf format,
fits (flexible image transport system) image format, and Sun rasterfile image format to
the desired vff format. (There is also a conversion utility for tiff files.) If I could
use any of these conversion utilities directly or build a transformation from X11 or
interlisp-d format to any of the above, my object would be accomplished. Is anyone 
aware of the relation between the X11 or interlisp-d formats and any of the above 
mentioned target formats? If anyone has had similar experience with the CLIM generated
postscript files I'd be interested in that approach as well.

Gregory M. Whittaker

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