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[spr5670] foreign C code

>> I've been writing  some foreign C code using Allegro 4.0.1, and while
>> not extremely familiar with the manual, it seems that it would be
>> simple to make it a lot easier to pass information, especially
>> strings, back and forth between Lisp and C. All that would be needed
>> is for you to supply functions that convert between C and LISP
>> objects. 
>> This would simplify foreign function coding a great deal. Any
>> comments?

Thanks for the great suggestions!  We'll have to chew over them for a
while, and figure out the cost (of implementing this as well as for
our customers to convert existing code), so I'm filing a Request For
Enhancement (RFE) for our experts to ponder over.  But the uniformity
of your suggested interface is very appealing.  Thanks again!

						 George Jacob
					  INTERNET: georgej@franz.com
					  UUCP:     uunet!franz!georgej