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[spr5962] drawing maps in CLIM Class: bh Bh-Id: spr5962 Bh: append spr5962 customer Date: Fri, 26 Jun 92 12:07:40 -0700 From: John Irwin <jdi@franz.com>

   > Hi,
   >   I would like to be able to draw a world map using the Small World
   > Database (SWDB).  I can do this in CLIM but the loading time and
   > displaying times are just about unusable.  The unfiltered database
   > consists of 8000 points.  I have filtered the data down quite a bit,
   > but loading and drawing is still too slow.  This doesn't even count
   > the need to zoom in and scroll through the map.  So, what would be the
   > best way to do this? Is there some way to create an image object some
   > how that can be quickly translated or scaled as needed by the user?

   Hi Chuck,

     We aren't familiar with the SWDB.  If you could provide a test case
   that shows the slowness, preferrably via public ftp, then we could run
   it here and give you some feedback on why it's so slow.

	   -- John Irwin
	      Franz Inc.


  Instead of doing this, could someone send me some details on how to
use bitmaps in CLIM?  The reason things are slow is because I am
manually translating and scaling the data points to fit the size of
the window I want.  It would be better to throw it up as a bitmap but
I'm not sure how to do it.
  Another option is to use the built in regions and areas of CLIM.  I
could probably define the transformations I need and let the system do
the work.  If there are any examples of defining and using
transformations in CLIM I would very much appreciate getting them.

Thanks in advance,

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