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[spr5976] How can I step through a clos method which isn't top-level?

> From: georgej@Franz.COM (George Jacob)
> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 92 11:18:07 -0400
> >> I'm using ACL 4.1 (Sun-4).  I want to be able to step through the
> >> execution of a method which is invoked deep within a CLIM application,
> >> and which can't be invoked from the top-level prompt.  Can't this be
> >> done?
> I'm afraid not.  Our current stepper isn't equipped to handle functions 
> without symbol-names.  But we have an open RFE (Request For Enhancement)
> on this matter, and I'll ensure that it is put at the highest level, 
> since I'm told this could be easily fixed..

Please try to do something about this soon!

Is there a programmatic interface that I can use as a temporary

I see this as a significant failing of an otherwise very good
development environment.

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