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Re: [spr6151] Solaris 2 version of Allegro CL?

Here's the situation with Solaris 2.0: it is my understanding that
SunSoft is now sending Solaris 2.0 out to developers only, and that
machines (from Sun Microsystems) will not ship with Solaris 2.0
installed on their hard disk until end of this year or early next

With that said, the port to Solaris 2.0 is in progress.  The major
problem areas are dumplisp (new file format, ELF), foreign functions
(/bin/ld doesn't have -A and -T flags) and signals (not BSD, not old
sys 5, something completely different).

We will definitely have Allegro CL 4.1 and Composer 2.0 ready for
shipment when Sun Microsystems starts shipping Solaris 2.0 with
machines, but I can't really say if or when we'll have something
available before then.  I will make an announcement on this mailing
list of something is made available for the beta release of Solaris

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