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new minor release of the GNU Emacs-Allegro CL interface (2.0.1)

Since version 2.0 of the GNU Emacs-Allegro CL interface was released,
there have been a few minor fixes.  Version 2.0.1 only works with
Allegro CL 4.1.  If you want to install the new version, grab


from ftp.uu.net (353707 bytes) and uncompress and extract the
resulting tar file, which will create an `fi' directory in the place
it is extracted.  This new `fi' directory is a replacement for the one
you are currently using EXCEPT FOR `fi/manual', which is NOT contained
in the above .tar.Z file.  So, the steps to install are:

	1. uncompress, `tar x',
	2. move fi/manual directory to new fi directory, and
	3. replace old fi directory with new one.

The ChangeLog since 2.0 is included below.

Kevin Layer, Franz Inc.         1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
layer@Franz.COM (internet)      Berkeley, CA  94704  USA
Phone: (510) 548-3600           FAX: (510) 548-8253

Mon Jul 20 10:09:06 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* subproc.el: make default of
	fi:pop-to-sublisp-buffer-after-lisp-eval be nil

Fri Jul 17 12:18:09 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* indent.el: without-interrupts indent method fixed

	* clman.el lep.el db.el keys.el: use (goto-char (point-max))
	instead of (end-of-buffer) because the latter causes "Mark set" to
	appear in the minibuffer.

	* lze.el: fi:pop-to-sublisp-buffer-after-lisp-eval (bug2683) was
	being ignored.

Thu May 28 15:29:15 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* utils.el: move fi::explode here from subproc.el; new

	* subproc.el: use csh's cdpath, not CDPATH env variable; move
	fi::explode to utils.el

Tue May 19 08:31:52 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* subproc.el: fix bug2601 (fi:common-lisp-buffer-name not handled
	in non-interactive fi:common-lisp); make sure DISPLAY is set

Tue Apr 28 23:20:59 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* lze.el: don't lock buffer during eval/compile

Tue Apr 28 13:49:18 1992  Kevin Layer  (layer@ice)

	* indent.el: make fi:lisp-semicolon take a numerical prefix arg so
	it is easy to insert multiple semis; fix egregious bug in
	indenting forms like (cond ((let (x) (foo x)) #|RET HERE|# bar));
	fix indent spec for without-scheduling (0 instead of 1)

>>>	* basic-lep.el: add fi:send-reply

>>>	* subproc.el: handle cdpath variable

	* site-init.el: set version to 2.0.1

	* lze.el: fix bug with where eval/compile background status gets

	* stream.el: add `name' keyword to lep::create-listener-stream
	(called from ACL)

	* leep.el: conditionalize for Epoch 4.0