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Call for Papers: OOPSLA 92 CLOS workshop

			1992 OOPSLA CLOS Workshop

In conjunction with the OOPSLA '92 conference being held in Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada, on October 18 - 22 1992, a workshop will
be held on the subject of CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System.


This workshop aims to bring together users and implementors of CLOS, the
Common Lisp Object System, to discuss the current state of CLOS and future
directions. The workshop will provide a forum for users to exchange their
ideas and experiences and to provide feedback to the implementors.

The workshop will include the following sessions: applications,
implementation techniques, program development tools and future directions.
Also planned is a vendor panel enabling users to communicate what is
important to the vendors and vendors to outline future directions.

If you wish to participate in the workshop please submit a short (2-3 page)
paper on a relevant topic.  Papers that describe how the more interesting
features of CLOS, such as generic functions, method combination, dynamic
class and method redefinition and the metaobject procotol were utilized in
the application or supported by the development environment are especially

Please submit position papers by August 15th.

For more information please contact me at the address below.

Chris Richardson, Franz Inc.	1995 University Avenue, Suite 275         
cer@Franz.COM (internet)	Berkeley, CA  94704                       
uunet!franz!cer (uucp)		Phone: (510) 548-3600; FAX: (510) 548-8253