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Re: Problem with 4.1 patch0119

  The patch causing difficulties reported earlier has been replaced on
ftp.uu.net and the whole patch directory is now up to date.  The fixed
version of the patch is


  You may notice that there is a patch0119.p in the same directory.
You can take this if you like, but it doesn't do very much.  This file
is now mainly acting as a placeholder.

  We apologize again for any inconvenience.  Feel free to contact us
with any questions or problems at "bugs@franz.com".

Charles A. Cox, Franz Inc.        1995 University Avenue, Suite 275
Internet: cox@franz.com           Berkeley, CA  94704
uucp:     uunet!franz!cox         Phone: (510) 548-3600; FAX: (510) 548-8253
                                  > Note: Our area code became 510 in 1991.